Your Ultimate WiMAX Experience!

Begin Your WiMAX Experience by Choosing Your Service!
To start your WiMAX experience, you need to subscribe to our WiMAX service and go for the suitable option that meets your needs. You can choose from among two available payment modes and choose whether you want to pay in advance or you prefer to receive bills. Based on your preference, you can subscribe to our Prepaid or Postpaid services. There are also different options for how you want to purchase your CPE, for which there is a detailed explanation in this document. To begin, all you need to do is go online and fill out our pre-registration form. You can also do it by referring to our dealers. Upon registration, you’ll receive a notification of when our technicians will visit your residence to pick up your documents, complete the Agreement and deliver your CPE.

Select the Payment Mode, Best Suited to You!
The Prepaid Service:
With our prepaid service for home users, you don’t need to pay a bill each month. You can choose your Tariff Plan based on the amount you want to pay for your internet each month. For example; you decide you want to spend $15 on your internet, therefore, you can choose a tariff plan with 128 KB as your speed and a 3 GB usage traffic.

- Below, you can see the available Tariff Plans for Prepaid Subscribers:

  • Below you can see the subscription options for the six-month plan (exclusive to current users of the plan who are willing to extend their plans):

The Postpaid Service:
The postpaid subscribers will have the option to use the service to a desired amount. The payment deadline for the new period will be 30 days as of the bill issuance date. This group of subscribers will need to leave a deposit in the beginning of their subscription. The usage limit will be determined based on the amount of the deposit you pay and since the usage period for these subscribers is two months, they need to pay the subscription fee for 2 months – further to the deposit, at the time of registration. This deposit will be returned to you, once your contract expires or for any reason you decide to leave us. In order to subscribe to our postpaid service, you need to first choose a plan. Go through the options available for the postpaid subscribers and choose the plan that suits your needs. After that, you need to buy an inclusive package, which consists of a throughput and a certain amount of usage traffic. You can also buy additional Bolt-On packs to increase your traffic limit or plan validity date. You will have plenty of options based on your credit limit and you will be able to choose any desirable plan if you have adequate credit.

- Below, you can see the available Tariff Plans for Postpaid Subscribers:

To see the Download/Upload Speed of the available Tariff Plans, Click Here!
- Below, you can see the details of the Out of Bundle Tariff Plan:
Number of things to remember:

- The payment for your WiMAX will be deducted from your account on the first day of each month, in order to integrate the collection of the payments. In the case where you have subscribed to the service in the middle of the month, you only need to pay for the remaining days and on the 1st day of the second month, you should pay the subscription fee for the whole month.
 - Your usage amount of each service cannot exceed your credit limit. If you want to use above your limit, to avoid suspension, you can settle your bill or increase your credit limit by increasing your deposit.
- The Long Term Plans (6-month Subscription Fee), is only available for Prepaid Subscribers.
 - Request for speeds of more than 128 Kbps, is subject to CRA rules and regulations.
 - At the beginning of the subscription, credit limit of each service is zero. So you will not be able to use the service unless a deposit is paid in order to increase the credit limit.
 - The minimum credit limit will be higher for more expensive tariff plans.

-  To subscribe for 128 and 256 kbps Pay As You Go plans, you don't need to pay the monthly subscription fee at the beginning of the period.
 - In order to guarantee the quality of the services delivered to you, Irancell has devised a fair usage policy for unlimited plans. Costumers are provided with an unlimited usage amount, so that they can enjoy surfing and downloading without any concerns. Yet, if the subscriber starts to overrun the bandwidth and download greedily, a throttling policy will be applied from the next period in which the customer wouldn’t be able to get unlimited services anymore.
For the first time in Iran, Irancell WiMAX subscribers are able to pay their monthly internet subscription fee, using Irancell recharge vouchers

  • CPE installation fee is 80.000 Rials (VAT exclusive).
  • The Out of Bundle rate for all available tariff plans is 89 Rials per Mb.
  • All prices are 5% VAT inclusive.

WiMAX Payment Methods:

1. Internet Payment
Enter e-Care and click on "Payments", then choose "eBill / internet payment".
2. Irancell Recharge Cards
Enter e-Care and click on "Payments", then choose "Recharge".
Please note that this service is only available to those WiMAX subscribers who have entered an Irancell number when filling in the "Cell  Number" field in the registration form; therefore, to be able to use this service, the subscribers who have NOT entered an Irancell number may refer to their WiMAX profiles, under Customer Service in e-Care and click on Change Profile to change their cell number to an Irancell line.
4. Referring to Banks
Bank Mellat / account number: 444440/96; or
Bank Tejarat / account number: 210447
Remember to have your "Payment Reference Number" with you when referring to the banks.

3. Loading Irancell Recharge Cards using Irancell SIM Cards
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