Call Shine.

Call Shine

.Use Call Shine to express yourself via personalized messages when your friends call your prepaid or postpaid line!


  • The service lets you share your mood, status or even a joke with your caller friends, while they are waiting for you to pick up the call.
  • You can set a special message when you cannot pick up the phone.
  • By setting a proper call shine you can share a same message others, with no need to send bulk messages.


  • Authorized list: Subscribers may add their desired contact numbers to this list so that the Call Shine status message will only be displayed to the callers in this list.
  • Unauthorized list: The numbers in this list will not receive the status message when calling the subscriber.

The subscription fee is 450 Tomans per month; this package includes 30 free status changes, after the subscription has expired you can renew it again.


To activate your “Call Shine” service, please choose one of the below methods:

  • SMS 1 to 8585

Using this method you only pay for the subscription fee and “شب و روز شما بخیر” would be set as your default message.

Subscription fee: 450 Tomans

Using this method you activate the service and would enjoy 30 free status changes. To change your default message Send an SMS to 8585 with your desired status message typed after a #.

If you are interested in activating the predefined Call Shine packages (for Asheghaneh or Sheer), use one of the following methods.

  • SMS the related code to 8585

This way you activate the service and also the desired package. You can find the codes in the below table.

For example you can SMS R11 to 8585 and activate “Sheer-e-no” package and your callers would find the related messages of this package. To find the contents of each package send an SMS to 8585 type your related code after a Q.

If you’d subscribe the service by sending 1 to 8585, you would only pay each package’s monthly fee.

Package activation fee: 100 Tomans

If you haven’t activate the service before, by sending the code, both the service and the package would be activated for you.

Service and package activation fee:  550 Tomans

  • Using *8585#

Dialing above mentioned USSD code, you can activated the service and your desired package.

Service subscription fee: 450 Tomans

Package activation fee: 100 Tomans

If you wish to change your Call Shine message, simply dial *8585# or send the respective code to 8585. This way you would only pay service activation fee (100 Tomans).





Call Shine

بخل، ننگ و ترس نقصان است. و تهیدستی، مرد زیرک را در برهان کند[ ضعیف] می سازد. (نهج البلاغه/ حکمت 3)

سخنان امام علی (ع)


Call Shine

یک سفر است
نه یک مقصد
هیچ زمانی بهتر از همین لحظه
برای شاد بودن وجود ندارد🌸

جمله های ناب


Call Shine

💕"پایان شب من باش
چون جای درنگی نیست
جز عشق برای ما پایان قشنگی نیست
(سید مهدی موسوی)"💕



Call Shine

"برای زیستن دو قلب لازم است،
قلبی که دوست بدارد
قلبی که دوستش بدارند (شاملو)"



Call Shine

😂دنبال نیمه گمشدتون نگردید، بعضی هام مثل ما لنگه به لنگه ن!😂



Call Shine

(متغیر بر اساس مناسبت)
سلام برتو ای مطلع فجر! ای سپیده سحر

ای انفجار نور، خوش‏آمدی. دهه فجرمبارک . . .



Call Shine

🌃شب و روزتان پر از لطف خدا 🌅



Call Shine

پرسپوليس يعني هواداران عاشق داشتن پرسپوليس يعني گل سرخ و شقايق کاشتن



Call Shine

ابي يعني شور يعني زندگي/ابي يعني مردي و مردانگي



Call Shine

شب و روزتان بخیر

پیام پیشواز/ کارت ویزیت ماهانه


Call Shine

شب و روزتان بخیر

پیام پیشواز هفتگی


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