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My Irancell

My account management app

Stay in control of your Irancell account and easily monitor your call, SMS or mobile internet charges!


My account management app

Stay in control of your Irancell account and easily monitor your call, SMS or mobile internet charges!


With MyIrancell you can easily manage your usage costs, purchases and payments. This app is free to download and use.


The Surprising Shake!

Purchase and Payment

  • Buy internet and voice packages
  • Buy or design shared packages and let your dear ones enjoy your internet too!
  • Buy internet packages as a gift for others
  • Payment services: usual or WOW recharge through bank gateways and pay the bills

Account Management

  • View account details: credit limit balance, account balance, outstanding amount, usage amount, payable amount
  • View internet package remaining traffic
  • Internet packages auto renewal in case of package expiration
  • Add and manage up to 30 Irancell accounts or mobile modem and TD-LTE
  • Manage shared accounts (activation, package purchase, adding/ removing users)
  • Join the “no paper bill” campaign
  • Request to switch from prepaid to postpaid SIM cards (with customized prices)
  • Request SIM card swap (3G to 4G)
  • Manage TD-LTE user account
  • View promotional offers based on account and service type
  • View account notifications regarding account status, outstanding amounts, etc.
  • View active Value Added Services and opt to deactivate them
  • View the history of the latest 15 activities, internet package purchase and recharges
  • Modify profile details (email address, mail address, etc.)

Help and support

  • Make an appointment to refer to Irancell service centers
  • Make a claim and follow it up
  • Escalate, follow up and review requests
  • Contact our call center
  • View Frequently Asked Questions
  • Easy access to Irancell social media

MyIrancell Gifts

  • 50G Free Internet by Inviting Your Friends: Invite those friends of yours who haven’t had the chance to install MyIrancell app so far, and the first login by your invited buddy will bring each one of you 50G internet! (valid of that same day)
  • 3G Free Internet on “Triple Fridays”: Install MyIrancell app for the first time on a Friday and get 3G internet! (valid of that same day)
  • 50G Free Internet with Our Brand New WebApp (PWA Version): your first login to the new WebApp version of MyIrancell will get you 50G internet! (valid of that same day)
  • 1G Free Internet for Our Android Users: all those users who haven’t logged in to MyIrancell app for more than 30 days…we miss them! So we’re waiting for their happy return with a welcoming gift: their first login after this pretty long time will get them 1G internet! (valid of that same day)

Installing MyIrancell App on iPhone (PWA Version):

Click here to watch a video on how to install MyIrancell app on iOS.

Using innovative technology of advanced Web App, all the Apple restrictions for iOS users will be permanently eliminated and MyIrancell app could be used on these devices without any need for updates. Installation guide:

  • Enter in Safari explorer (or on the upper part of the screen, click on Download > Get PWA Version for iOS
  • After being redirected to the page, choose in the lower bar
  • Click on “Add to Home Screen”
  • Choose “Add”
  • Now you can see that MyIrancell icon has been added to your apps screen. Click on it to open the app.

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