zoom application


Access to a large collection of various video contents including live TV programs, movies, series, video clips, documentaries, speeches, etc.



By purchasing subscription you will have access to specified contents within defined time span. Some contents are offered to all users for free.


  • Access to a wide variety of video contents
  • The biggest legal archive of movies and series
  • Online broadcasting of 20 live channels
  • High quality broadcast of contents
  • Easy purchase via prepaid SIM Card account without any need to debit card
  • Purchase content by subscribing  within specified time span
  • Offers family-friendly dubbed movies
Offered contents:
  • Free: All video contents can be watched for free, without paying any cost.
  • Subscription: By purchasing subscription you will have access to special contents within specified time span.

  • To enter Zoom application you need your Irancell password which is the same as your password for MyIrancell Web App account.

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