Iran’s Fastest Mobile Internet.

Iran’s Fastest Mobile Internet


Enjoy fast upload and download speeds!


Having Internet access anytime and anywhere is the biggest benefits brought by mobile Internet service. Wherever you are, you can follow social media, read website news, shop in online stores, telework, communicate with family and friends, check your emails and etc. with mobile internet on your digital devices and bring much convenience to your life.

Some advantages of 4G technology are:

  • Faster or real-time sharing of large files
  • Watch videos and stream music without any interruptions
  • Download while you are on a call
  • Online mobile banking

We offer you a more expanded, better coverage as well as country’s fastest network to enable you enjoy internet services anywhere you are.

4 steps to use Irancell 4G Internet
  • Coverage: By checking coverage map you can see if 4G is live in your area.
  • SIM card: All Irancell SIM cards support 3G network. To use 4G network you would need 4G SIM Card (USIM).
  • Device: Go to does my handset support 3G/4G/4.5G? page to check compatibility of your device. If your phone does not support 3G/4G/4.5G Internet, you can check out our mobiles page special offers or our 3G and 4G and 4.5G modems.
  • Settings: Dial *555*4*2# or check out online internet configurations page to get settings within seconds. If you want, you can manually enter the settings as shown below:
APN Connection Name
mtnirancell Irancell-Internet
You can also refer to 4G activation settings for various operating systems page and by selecting your device’s OS get 4G settings. ( iOS , Older Versions of Android , Android Version 4 and Higher , Windows Phone 8 , Symbian , MeeGo , Bada )

If you’re using an Android device, you need to activate “Cat6” or “Carrier Aggregation” in the settings section to have access to 4.5G internet. iOS devices will be connected to the 4.5G internet automatically and there is no need to do any configurations.

4.5G or 4G+ signs in android devices indicate your device connection to 4.5G network. In iOS devices, the increase in internet network represents your 4.5G connection.


2G, 3G, 4G and 4.5G Internet are all charged in the same way. You can manage your cost by purchasing Internet package that suits your needs.

Once your package expires/ finishes, you can buy new package or the out of bundle tariffs (approved by Communications Regulatory Authority) will apply to your internet charges:

Upload/ download charges per Kilobyte SIM Type Price
Postpaid (Normal & Data SIM) 0.04 Toman/KB
Prepaid (Normal & Data SIM) 0.06 Toman/KB
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You can choose your desired internet or combo package (call, SMS, internet) based on your usage pattern and in order to reduce your costs. Designed with various validities and volumes, these packages are available to all of our subscribers with any usage type. Even if you prefer your own customized package, our "Boom" service is there for you!

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